NCERT Science Solutions Class 9th :- Chapter 14 Natural Resources Solutions

NCERT Science Solutions Class 9th :- Chapter 14 Natural Resources Solutions

NCERT Science Solutions Class 9th :- Chapter 14 Natural Resources Solutions

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Chapter 14

Natural Resources Solutions


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Page No: 193

1. How is our atmosphere different from the atmospheres on Venus and Mars?

2. How does the atmosphere act as a blanket?

3. What causes winds?

4. How are clouds formed?

5. List any three human activities that you think would lead to air pollution.

Page No: 194

1. Why do organisms need water?

2. What is the major source of fresh water in the city/town/village where you live?

3. Do you know of any activity which may be polluting this water source?

Page No: 196

1. How is soil formed?

2. What is soil erosion?

3. What are the methods of preventing or reducing soil erosion?

Page No: 201

1. What are the different states in which water is found during the water cycle?

2. Name two biologically important compounds that contain both oxygen and nitrogen.

3. List any three human activities which would lead to an increase in the carbon dioxide content of air.

4. What is the greenhouse effect?

5. What are the two forms of oxygen found in the atmosphere?


1. Why is the atmosphere essential for life?

2. Why is water essential for life?

3. How are living organisms dependent on the soil? Are organisms that live in water totally independent of soil as a resource?

4. You have seen weather reports on television and in newspapers. How do you think we are able to predict the weather?

Page No: 202

5. Write a note on how forests influence the quality of our air, soil and water resources.

6. We know that many human activities lead to increasing levels of pollution of the air, water-bodies and soil. Do you think that isolating these activities to specific and limited areas would help in reducing pollution?


Ncert Class 9th Science solutions Chapter 14

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