NCERT Geography Solutions Class 9th :- Chapter 6 Population Solutions

NCERT Geography Solutions Class 9th :- Chapter 6 Population Solutions

NCERT Geography Solutions Class 9th :- Chapter 6 Population Solutions

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Chapter 6

Population Solutions


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Page No: 54

1. What could be the reasons of uneven distribution of population in India.

2. Table 6.1 reveals that despite the decline growth rates, the numbers of people being added every decade is steadily increasing. Why?

3. What could be the reasons for such (sex ratio) variations?

Page No: 60


1. Choose the right answer from the four alternatives given below :

(i) Migrations change the number, distribution and composition of the population in:

(a) the area of departure

(b) both the area of departure and arrival

(c) the area of arrival

(d) none of the above

(ii) A large proportion of children in a population is a result of

(a) high birth rates

(b) high life expectancies

(c) high death rates

(d) more married couples

(iii) The magnitude of population growth refers to:

(a) the total population of an area

(b) the number of persons added each year

(c) the rate at which the population increases

(d) the number of females per thousand males

(iv) According to the Census 2001, a literate person is one who

(a) can read and write his/her name

(b) can read and write any language

(c) is 7 year old and can read and write any language with understanding

(d) knows 3 Rs (reading, writing, arithmetic)

2. Answer the following questions briefly.

(i) Why is the rate of population growth in India declining since 1981?

(ii) Discuss the major components of population growth.

(iii) Define age structure, death rate and birth rate.

(iv) How is migration a determinant of population change?

3. Distinguish between population growth and population change.

4. What is the relation between occupational structure and development?

5. What are the advantages of having a healthy population?

6. What are the significant features of the National Population Policy 2000?



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