Social Science NCERT Book Class 10

Social Science NCERT Book Class 10

Social Science NCERT Solutions Class 10



Chapter 1- The Rise of Nationalism in Europe

Chapter 2- The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China

Chapter 3- Nationalism in India

Chapter 4- The Making of a Global World

Chapter 5- The Age of Industrialisation

Chapter 6- Work, Life and Leisure

Chapter 7- Print Culture and the Modern World

Chapter 8- Novels, Society and History


Chapter 1- Resources and Development

Chapter 2- Forest and Wildlife Resources

Chapter 3- Water Resources

Chapter 4- Agriculture

Chapter 5- Minerals and Energy Resources

Chapter 6- Manufacturing Industries

Chapter 7- Life Lines of National Economy

Political Science

Chapter 1- Power Sharing

Chapter 2- Federalism

Chapter 3- Democracy and Diversity

Chapter 4- Gender, Religion and Caste

Chapter 5- Popular Struggles and Movements

Chapter 6- Political Parties

Chapter 7- Outcomes of Democracy

Chapter 8- Challenges to Democracy



Chapter 1- Development

Chapter 2- Sectors of the Indian Economy

Chapter 3- Money and Credit

Chapter 4- Globalisation and the Indian Economy

Chapter 5- Consumer Rights

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