9 tips to score above 90% in board exam

9 tips to score above 90% in board exam


Getting a good score is the ultimate aim or a final goal of a learner which brings a new morning or a bright sunshine in one’s career. Here in this article we are providing you with few tips n tricks to score good marks in the examination.

 1. Study, Analyze, Solve

Before starting your preparation don’t panic after seeing the whole bulk of books n notes instead take it as a part. Analyze all the topics given and choose your scoring zone, the one in which you master and then study the rest of the topics because working on your favorite topics built confidence and you slowly master the hard one too.

2. Prepare Notes

Studying from your handwritten notes is the key to good score because you remember what you write. Concentrate properly so that you will not miss any important information during the class.

3. Learn through your style

Every student has its own style of learning, know your own. Like

– Visual aids

– Mnemonic help

– Bodily learner

– Music learner

4. Positive attitude

Gate to success is your attitude. If you are confident enough that you can do it then you will do it. Have a positive approach towards your goal. Set your goal and start working on it actively.

5. Test yourself

Test yourself at a regular interval. After completing one topic, take your test and observe the area where u need to work on.

6. Refer different books / Accuracy

You must familiarize yourself with different books, don’t bond yourself to one material only, try to refer different authors’ books.

7. Study daily

One can’t crack the exam by studying one night before, a student must study on daily basis, at least book  3-4 hours daily for self-study .

8. Health

For all this to happen, one thing which is necessary is your health. Do not eat anything before exam, try to avoid heavy meal. Do not stay awake for long time, the night before the exam as sleep makes you fresh and makes you energetic.

9. During examination

Try to highlight your information in points. Long answers must be presented in paragraphs. To score good you must indicate all your information with the help of flow charts or block diagrams as it’s easy to understand through visual aids then to read the para. During online exams one should first attempt the easier questions as it saves time and then attempt the harder ones.

Preparing for the exam or getting a good score is not a one-night job, it needs a lot of efforts to be done. It demands all your leisure time to get over, stop investing your time in tv, video games, social networking sites, etc. mind diverting things rather start doing friendship with books as these books will take you towards your goal door.


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